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EveryDaye Education looks at education as an everyday experience. We believe that education should take place in and outside of the classroom. We also believe that education should be not only accessible to all, but also exceptional for all. We look to locate and eradicate inequalities in the educational system for all students.

Descripción general

EveryDaye Education considera la educación como una experiencia cotidiana. Creemos que la educación debe tener lugar dentro y fuera del aula. También creemos que la educación no solo debe ser accesible para todos, sino también excepcional para todos. Buscamos localizar y erradicar las desigualdades en el sistema educativo para todos los estudiantes.

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 EveryDaye Education

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About me

My name is LaTisha Daye, and I live and teach in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I was born and raised in Philadelphia and in the Philadelphia School District System. I have my bachelor’s degree in psychology, and I am pursuing my master’s degree in education. Education is very important to me! I see the inequities in the school system and want to be a part of the solution to that problem. My drive to promote change comes from a strong belief that everyone deserves a equitable education. Meaning everyone gets what they need to successful learners in the classroom, no matter their race, financial status, location, religion, etc. I am excited to use the skills that I am learning to mold, encourage, and excite young minds.



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Everydaye education

Equitable learning for all in and out of the classroom.